Square cooling tower

Square cooling tower 
1. Thermal power plants generally have cooling towers. After the water is heated, a high-pressure gas is generated to power the turbine to generate electricity, while the remaining gas needs to be cooled. The company is located in:
2. Central air conditioning also has cooling tower role is to play the role of cooling circulating fluid. The company is located in:
3. There are also specialized in the production of FRP cooling towers, commonly known as cooling towers, cooling towers, cooling towers, glass towers, towers, etc., mainly square, round, cross flow, counterflow, unfilled spray series cooling tower. The company is located in:
Compared with the traditional packing type cooling tower, the automatic rotating atomizing type cooling tower also has the following unparalleled advantages:
1, due to no packing, the tower is basically hollow state, fan resistance, low noise. The company is located in:
2, using the company's patented technology to produce high efficiency water trap, effectively reducing the flooding, water-saving effect is obvious. The company is located in:
3, the tower body with streamlined design, fan and fan with a small gap, resulting in large air volume