Spray ventilation cooling tower

Fill-free Fiberglass cooling towers are a device that utilizes the contact of water and air to disperse the waste heat generated in industrial or refrigerated air conditioning by evaporation.


Drying (low enthalpy) of the air through the fan after the tic, from the wind into the cooling tower; the saturated steam for the high pressure of high temperature water molecules to the low pressure air flow, hot and humid (high enthalpy) water by sowing The system spilled into the tower. When the water droplets and air contact, on the one hand because of the direct heat transfer of air and water, on the other hand due to the water vapor and the air there is a pressure difference between the pressure generated by the phenomenon of evaporation, the water heat is taken away Heat transfer, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Cooling tower working process
To the glass fiber reinforced concrete cooling tower of the working process, for example, hot water from the main room through the pump through a certain pressure through the pipeline, horizontal throat, throat throat, the central throat will be circulating water pressure to the cooling tower sowing system, On the hole in the water evenly spread on the filler above; dry low value of the air in the role of the fan from the bottom into the air into the tower, the hot water flows through the filler surface to form a water film and air for heat exchange , High humidity high value of the hot wind from the top out, cooling water droplets into the bottom basin, the water pipe into the host.
Under normal circumstances, into the tower of air, is the temperature of dry low-damp ball air, water and air between the obvious presence of the concentration of water molecules and kinetic energy difference, when the fan is running, the role of static pressure in the tower, Water molecules continue to evaporate into the air, become water vapor molecules, the remaining water molecules will reduce the average kinetic energy, so that the temperature of circulating water. From the above analysis we can see that the evaporation temperature is lower than or equal to the temperature of the air (usually the dry bulb temperature), and the water temperature is reduced as long as the water molecules evaporate continuously into the air.
However, the evaporation of water into the air will not proceed indefinitely. When the air in contact with water is not saturated, the water molecules continue to evaporate into the air, but when the air on the contact surface of the air reaches saturation, the water molecules do not evaporate, but in a dynamic equilibrium state. The amount of water molecules that are evaporated is equal to the amount of water molecules returning from the air to the water and the water temperature remains constant. It can be seen that the more dry air in contact with water, the easier the evaporation, the water temperature is easy to reduce.

FRP cooling towers have been widely used as a circulating water treatment for circulating water treatment and stable water quality. Cooling water in the industry accounted for more than 80% of the amount of water, our company in the long-term production process has accumulated rich experience, through my company research, cooling tower technology has been greatly improved, efficient low-pressure atomization device instead of the traditional PVC Cooling tower packing, the cooling element resistance from 90-110Pa down to 30PaGGPL tower using the forward spray, cooling process with downstream and countercurrent two processes, the device uses a special anti-floating technology, no floating water phenomenon.

Advantages of Filled Fiberglass Cooling Tower

1, performance

Cooling temperature difference than the packing tower 2 ℃, cooling water up 10% year on year, cold t2-τ ≤ 3.5 ℃, smaller than the packing tower. As the cooling element of the filler-free cooling tower (high-efficiency low-pressure centrifugal atomization device) sprayed the water into 0.5mm micro-droplets, the specific surface area is much larger than the water is dispersed into the film-like surface area, gas and heat transfer surface area, And the distribution of water is uniform, which avoids the dead zone and the ditch flow caused by the aging deformation and clogging of the packing. The cooling effect is obviously superior to the packing tower.

2, run

Completely overcome the filler aging, deformation, crisp column, plugging, ditch phenomenon and filler debris on the process system equipment and pipeline blockage, even within the tower water, spray device without clogging. Reliable operation

3, energy saving
Fill-free spray FRP cooling tower resistance reduced by 50%, fan motor power 35%.

Low-pressure atomization device working pressure is only 0.035MPa, than the hydraulic self-rotating atomization device working pressure 0.2MPa lower 0.17MPa, supporting pump power greatly reduced. No filler spray cooling tower system resistance for the packing tower of about 1/2, in the cooling water, the fan is the same, the matching motor power down to 60% of the packing tower, energy saving effect is significant, combined with the elimination of cleaning and filling the nozzle and the cost of cloth , Operating costs greatly reduced.

4, maintenance of service life
No filler spray cooling tower components synchronization reliability, no maintenance cycle up to 5 years, the service life of 15 years.
No packing spray tower spray mist uniform, no clogging, no maintenance, stable and reliable operation: the equipment to overcome the packing tower packing aging, deformation and fragmentation of cloth and spray nozzle clogging and flushing, packing crisp plug the pipeline, pump and heat transfer And a series of equipment and equipment affect the performance of the phenomenon. Its life than the packing tower extension three
5, the environment
Using SBL special water collector, no water, the noise is 6db lower than the packing tower.

Spray cooling tower due to the elimination of the filler, the tower system resistance down to the original 1/2, the same fan in the case, the air volume increased to 1.2 times the original. Gas ratio also increased to 1.2 times the original, so the cooling temperature difference than the packing tower 2 ℃.

Application range of fillerless cooling tower

Industrial production or refrigeration process generated waste heat, generally use cooling water to guide away. FRP cooling tower is the role of the waste heat with the waste water in the tower and the air heat exchange, so that waste heat to the air and into the atmosphere. For example: the thermal power plant, the boiler will be heated to high temperature and high pressure steam, to promote the steam turbine to make the generator power generation, the steam turbine after the work of the waste steam discharged into the condenser, with the cooling water for heat exchange condensate into water, Back to the boiler recycling. In this process, the waste heat of the steam is transferred to the cooling water, the water temperature is increased, the waste heat is entrained, the heat is transferred to the air in the cooling tower, and discharged from the air duct into the atmosphere.

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spray ventilation cooling tower