SMC molded water tank

SMC molded water tank is currently used in the international new water tank. By the overall quality of the SMC water tank board assembled. It is characterized by the use of food grade resin, so good water quality, clean and pollution-free; with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, good looks, long life, easy maintenance and management features.

SMC water tank is the National Building Materials Industry Bureau and the Ministry of Construction recommended products, in full compliance with the State Construction Industry Bureau standards JC658.1-1997 technical performance requirements. The water tank by the relevant state departments to test, the water tank in line with GB / T17219-98 "drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials, safety evaluation criteria" requirements, water quality in line with national "drinking water standards" (GB5749-85). Widely used in industrial and mining, enterprises, residential, hotels, restaurants and other buildings, as drinking water, water treatment, fire water and other water storage facilities.

SMC tank is made of SMC molded plate, sealing material, metal structure and piping system. To the design and construction to bring great convenience. General water tank according to the standard design, special water tank need specialized design. Can be assembled according to user needs 0.125-1500 cubic meters of water tank. If the original water tank needs to be replaced, do not need to transform the house, the adaptability is very strong. Specialized development of the product sealing tape, the seal with non-toxic, water, flexible, permanent variable small, tight seal. The overall strength of the tank is high, no leakage, no deformation, maintenance, easy maintenance.

SMC molded water tank board using glass fiber reinforced materials, using high temperature, high pressure molding process. Plate size were 1000 × 1000, 1000 × 500 and 500 × 500 three standard plate, plate thickness 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm.

smc molded water tank