RTP high pressure fiber pipe

    The flexible RTP high pressure fiber pipe is resistant to high pressure and corrosion. The product completely satisfies the transportation requirements of crude oil, natural gas, sewage, polymer, brine, and hot springs.
product structure:
    Inner layer: Extruded from HDPE or other modified polymers.
    Structural layer: Wound and solidified by high-strength glass fiber or aramid fiber.
    Outer layer: Extruded by modified polymer, anti-aging additives are added to the outer layer material, and the aging period of the pipe is more than 30 years.
    Product working temperature: -40°C ~ 90°C
    Working pressure: ≤34MPa

    Product implementation standards: API 17J API 15S SY/T6662.2-2012

    The company produces a full set of standard pipe fittings that are matched to the above-mentioned pipes. The pipe fittings are molded with a lined polymer, and a bisphenol A epoxy composite reinforcement layer is overwrapped. Fully meet the requirements of high corrosion, high temperature and high pressure in the oil and chemical environment.
    RTP pipe / RTP composite pipe / high-pressure fiber reinforced flexible composite pipe superiority:
Excellent anti-corrosion properties:
    All pipes are made of non-metallic materials. Different polymer extrusion moldings are used depending on the medium being transported. Completely resistant to the transported media.
Convenient, safe and quick installation:

    The construction environment is harsh and the number of personnel is small. The installation is quick and easy. It can be adapted in the construction environment where the terrain is undulating and the foundation is unstable.

The inner wall is smooth, no wax, and low frictional resistance:
    The inner wall of the pipe is smooth, and the roughness of the inner wall of the HDPE pipe is only 0.0015mm. The flow resistance of the pipe is small, and no wax and scaling are produced.
Pipes can be reused:
    Quick joints are used for easy disassembly and the pipes can be used repeatedly.
Pipe free maintenance:
    The pipeline does not require maintenance within the normal service life. If there is no external damage, zero maintenance can be achieved.
Design life 50 years:
    The design of surface pipelines is not less than 30 years, and the design life of geographical pipelines is not less than 50 years.
Convenient and economical transportation:

    The pipeline itself is flexible and can be coiled and transported. The maximum length is up to 1,000 meters (DN40 pipeline), which means that the transportation efficiency is improved and the transportation cost is reduced.

Professional installation training and perfect after-sales service:
    The installation team is professionally trained to issue certificates, and users can also be installed and trained at the site or within the company.