Large cooling tower

Working process of large cooling tower: The work process of circular counterflow cooling tower is taken as an example: Hot water is supplied to the cooling system of the cooling tower through the central, horizontal and horizontal throats of the hot machine. Within the hole through the water pipe on the water evenly spread on the filler above; dry Han value of the air under the action of the fan into the tower by the bottom of the air inlet, hot water flows through the filler surface to form a water film And air heat exchange, high humidity value of the hot air from the top out, the cooling water drops into the bottom basin, the outlet pipe into the host. Under normal circumstances, the air entering the tower, the air temperature is dry low wet bulb, water and air there is a clear water molecule concentration difference and kinetic energy pressure difference, when the fan is running, under the action of static pressure inside the tower, Water molecules continue to evaporate into the air, as water vapor molecules, the average kinetic energy of the remaining water molecules will be reduced, so that the circulating water temperature drops. From the above analysis, it can be seen that evaporative cooling is not related to the air temperature (usually the dry-bulb temperature) is lower or higher than the water temperature, as long as the water molecules continue to evaporate into the air, the water temperature will decrease. However, the evaporation of water into the air does not go on indefinitely. When the air in contact with water is not saturated, water molecules continue to evaporate into the air, but when the water vapor on the contact surface reaches saturation, the water molecules can not evaporate, but in a state of equilibrium. The amount of water molecules that evaporate is equal to the number of water molecules returned to the water from the air, and the water temperature remains unchanged. From this it can be seen that the drier the air in contact with water, the easier it is to evaporate and the lower the temperature of the water.
Cooling tower classification
First, according to the ventilation mode has natural ventilation cooling tower, mechanical ventilation cooling tower, mixed ventilation cooling tower. The company is located in:
Second, according to hot water and air contact points wet cooling towers, dry cooling towers, wet and dry cooling towers. The company is located in:
Third, according to the direction of hot water and air flow counter-flow cooling towers, cross flow (AC) cooling towers, Francis cooling towers.
Fourth, according to the general sub-use cooling towers, industrial cooling towers, high temperature cooling towers.
Fifth, according to the noise level is divided into ordinary type cooling tower, low noise cooling tower, ultra-low noise cooling tower, ultra-quiet cooling tower. The company is located in: