Large-caliber FRP plastic pipe

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The product is made of highly corrosion-resistant resin with excellent mechanical properties and processing properties. It is attacked by untreated sewage, corrosive soil or groundwater and many chemicals in most acids, alkalis and salt water.
【Good heat and cold resistance
In -30 ℃ state, still has good toughness and high strength, in the range of -20 ℃ -800 ℃ long-term use of special formula resin can also be used at 110 ℃.
Good wear resistance
The wear resistance of frp plastic pipe is very good, the test proved the water containing a large amount of mud, sand into the pipe for rotational wear comparison test. After 300,000 revolutions, the test tube wall wear depth as follows: with tar and porcelain coated steel pipe is 0.53mm; surface hardening of the steel pipe is 0.48mm; glass pipe 0.21mm, which shows that the glass tube The wear resistance is very strong.
Excellent thermal insulation
Due to the low thermal conductivity of FRP products, so its insulation properties are particularly good.
Anti-fouling resistance after curing
In the process of using no scaling, no rust, will not be in the ocean or sewage shellfish, fungi and other microorganisms stained moth attached.
【Small proportion, light weight】
The use of glass fiber winding production of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, the proportion of 1.65-2.0, only steel 1/4, while the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe with a circumferential tensile strength of 180-300MPa, the axial tensile strength of 60 -150MPa, similar to alloy steel. Therefore, its specific strength (strength / specific gravity) is 2-3 times that of alloy steel, so that it can be designed according to the different requirements of users to meet various requirements of internal and external pressure pipes. For the same diameter of the single, FRPM pipe only carbon steel pipe (steel coil) 1 / 2.5, 1 / 3.5 of cast iron pipe, prestressed reinforced concrete pipe about 1/8, so the transport installation is very convenient.