Large FRP winding septic tank

l, FRP winding septic tank selection according to different buildings, by a single project design staff to calculate the design parameters.
2. The location of FRP septic tanks should be set so as not to affect the foundation of the building; the general distance from the drinking water pool shall not be less than 10m, and the underground water intake structures shall not be less than 30m. When the building foundation level above the septic tank foundation plane, the outer wall of the septic tank should not be less than 2m.When the basic level of the building is lower than the septic tank foundation, the outer wall of the septic tank should not be less than the external wall of the building 5m.
3, the overall fiberglass septic tank also cover the smallest 0.3m. Cover soil should not exceed 3m. In the cold area, the temperature of the septic tank should not be less than l2m when the temperature is lower than -10 ℃ .In the coldest month, the average temperature is less than -13 ℃, the designer considers the setting depth of the fiberglass septic tank, The pool's sleep should be set below the freezing line in the area is appropriate.
4, FRP septic tank installed in the green belt, lawn, sidewalks, soil cover should not exceed l.5m; can also be installed in the road lot.
5, manhole cover: But in the car, the use of locking light double covers and cover seat; can pass the car, the use of locking heavy double. FRP septic tanks also take into account the needs of greening or road plaza pavement needs, cast iron or polymer covers and the ground level, in the paved ground, the cover can be properly lowered to the paved floor tiles, when the cover on the paved floor tiles Must be open when needed to open the manhole cover.
6, FRP septic tank volume, such as more than 50 m3; available two single tank in parallel or in series, if in series, designers and users must notify the mouth factory preset, tank wall spacing of not less than 500mm.