Kiln desulfurization tower

Kiln desulfurization tower
▲ water consumption: water consumption for foreign packing tower 1/4 to 1/6,
▲ supplies (desulfurization sulfur agent): <0.01 yuan / KWH
Power consumption:
1. Since the device itself does not add additional electromechanical, there is no power consumption.
2. As the adsorption of soot and SO2 small liquid-gas ratio, so that the amount of cloth to reduce, thus reducing energy consumption.
3. Absorption tower pressure ≤ 1200PC, the pressure loss of flue gas less than other technologies.
Water consumption:
System operation is mainly the amount of water consumption: cycle consumption of water / supplement
Cycle consumption of water:
1. The flue gas away from the steam
2. A small amount of water chant dust and by-products away, can be ignored
Replenishment volume: 1/100 of circulating water