FRP winding production line

FRP winding production line adopts numerical control technology, and computerized control winding equipment is equipped with newly developed control system, overcoming shortcomings of previous generations, absorbing many advanced experiences and beautiful suggestions from users, and making many improvements, no matter the host, servo drive, Inverter and other key components, are using international brand products.
    IPC used by China Taiwan EVOC, Advantech industrial chassis, with excellent stability, strong anti-interference ability, high temperature.
    The control system man-machine interface design is reasonable, the control precision is high, the parameter is easy to set, the axle control function, the editor function, the compensation function diagnosis, the breakdown warning function and so on, enters the parameter of the winding product, Then control the mold speed and the car to move the directional movement. Car running smoothly, accurate positioning, linear closed complete, flexible control, easy operation and so on.
    Computer control system before leaving the factory have to undergo a rigorous commissioning, and after 24 hours of continuous commissioning and monitoring, to ensure stable and reliable operation before delivery.
    Control mode points: manual state, semi-automatic state, automatic state, cross state, the state of the ring, winding the positive and negative, emergency stop, stepless speed regulation and other functions, favored by users.