FRP winding equipment

FRP winding equipment's life span and protect the personal safety of users, please follow the following principles: Technical problems Be sure to contact technical support.
Before the device is powered on:
1, check all the switches are all reset.
2, do not arbitrarily plug the control cabinet internal cables, signal lines and so on.
3, in order to increase the winding accuracy, as far as possible from the tank or pipe guide wire pipe recently.
After the device is powered on:
1, the touch screen can be displayed after the normal winding.
2, winding, manual surround and fully automatic switch can not be used at the same time.
3, in the automatic winding process, do not interrupt, to ensure the end of the automatic winding.
4, in the formal winding must be sure to meet the winding process A point, all the beginning of the movement from point A (such as around the cut).
5, winding all the switches are attributed to the original state.
6, parking, the spindle speed should be slowed down to zero, do not directly power off.