FRP water supply pipe

The glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic material, and the inner lining is made on the core mold according to the same process as that of the fiber-wound glass pipe. After the gel, the structural layer is wound according to the designed wire shape and thickness, resin mixed mortar wrapped in the structure layer, and finally wrapped around the outer protective layer.

FRP water supply pipe has excellent corrosion resistance, it is commonly used in drinking water transport trunk pipe and distribution pipes, sewage pipes, rain pipes, irrigation and other agricultural irrigation.

As a glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, do not need cathodic corrosion protection and other anti-corrosion measures, will not produce secondary pollution to water and other media. Long product life

Pipeline weight only accounted for the same specifications, with the length of ductile iron pipe 1/4, cement pipe 1/10. Easy handling, easy to install.

Reduce the pipeline joints, speed up the installation speed, improve the quality of the entire pipeline.

Reduce flow resistance, increase flow rate, reduce energy consumption. With a smaller diameter pipeline to deliver the same flow of fluid, compared with the same specifications can increase the flow rate of about 10%; no scaling, long-term use does not reduce the flow rate. Interference and damage in the environment, the protection of the cable has a better effect.
FRP water supply pipe