FRP tree grate

Tree pool cover, frp tree grate is a fiberglass grill another name, in fact, is the glass steel grille, glass steel tree grate, tree pool grate, tree protection, tree cover, tree fence and so on. Usually do the municipal construction or road greening project personnel are exposed.

Trees are generally 38 * 38 * 25 (in mm), and the whole size of the tree is 720 * 3660mm and 1220 * 4000mm. Different size of the tree pit needs a different size, the installation staff can cut according to demand.
1, corrosion resistance
Has a very good acid and alkali, organic solvents and salts and many other media corrosion properties, in the field of anti-corrosion has incomparable superiority. Consumers at the time of purchase, according to the actual use of the occasion, can be economically chosen to use o-benzene, m-type or vinyl-based resin as the matrix material.
2, light, high strength, and easy to cut, install.
As the tree grate is made of resin and glass fiber composite, so its density is small, not more than 2 kg per cubic decimeter, only 1/4 of steel, aluminum 2/3. Its strength is 10 times the hard PVC, the absolute strength of aluminum and ordinary steel than the level.
Its light weight, can greatly reduce the basic support, thereby reducing the cost of engineering materials.
Its cutting and installation is simple, no need to fire and large lifting equipment, only a small amount of artificial and power tools, making the installation costs are greatly reduced.
3, anti-aging
In theory, its service life in more than 50 years.
4, flame retardant
The flame propagation rate (ASTM E-84) of the ordinary flame retardant grille does not exceed 25; the flame propagation rate of the advanced flame retardant vinyl grating does not exceed 10. Oxygen index of not less than 28 (GB 8924).
5, security
With excellent electrical insulation, no breakdown under 10KV voltage; no electromagnetic, can be used in the magnetic sensitive equipment; FRP grating special structure also has anti-skid, anti-fatigue and other characteristics.
6, both inside and outside the uniform color.
Color can be arbitrarily selected, according to the customer's request to customize the color, thereby improving the production environment.
7, with a good comprehensive economic benefits.
8, can be designed and strong.
The size is flexible and dimensionally stable.
FRP tree grate