FRP sewage pipes

First, the main features
1, light high strength: FRP sewage pipes weight ratio of 1.65 ~ 2.0. For the same diameter of the unit length of the weight, only the carbon steel 1/3, FRP pipe only cast iron pipe 1/5, prestressed concrete pipe 1/10, reducing the lifting costs in the construction, increased installation speed .
2, good hydraulic properties: saving pipe pumping costs; reduce the size of pipe diameter; shorten the pumping time; FRP pipe long-term water does not scale, no cleaning, water quality from secondary pollution.
3, good water and corrosion resistance: reduce the cost of preservatives, extending the life; at the same time as no rust, so that water quality from secondary pollution; can also be used to transport sewage, mud, sea water and other media.
4, pressure: According to the pressure of the process design and manufacture of pipes and fittings, 1.5 times the pressure required for hydrostatic pressure test.
5, the interface sealing is good, no leakage, no rupture, increase water supply safety and reliability.
6, non-toxic, can be used to transport drinking water.
Second, the application
Drinking water pipelines and distribution pipelines; sewers, rainwater pipes; irrigation pipe.
Third, the main molding process
It is controlled by a computer and manufactured on the mandrel by the same process as fiber-wound FRP pipe. After the gel is laid, the structure layer is wound according to the designed line and thickness, and the mortar wrapped with quartz sand and resin In the structural layer, the outer protective layer is wound.