FRP sewage pipe

FRP sewage pipe, also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe.

FRP sewage pipe features:

1, strong corrosion resistance

Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe with acid, alkali, corrosion resistance to soil erosion, can transport groundwater, sea water, factory sewage and strong corrosive liquids. And according to the transport medium to move the corresponding corrosion-resistant materials to create a special pipe, sand pipe can maintain the original glass steel products have all the characteristics of the year (light, high strength, corrosion resistance, insulation, insulation and design).

2, good wear resistance

Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe has good wear resistance, the test shows that will contain a lot of sediment, stone slurry into different materials, the tube, so that the tube rotation of 10,000 turn.

3, heat, frost, temperature adaptability

Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe can be -40 ℃ -80 ℃ temperature of the normal operation of the special resin ratio of the pipeline can be up to 110 ℃ high temperature work, frozen pipe under the pipe does not crack.

4, fluid negative force

FRP pipe sand pipe wall smooth, low resistance, rough coefficient of 0.0084, the coercivity coefficient of about 1/2 of the steel pipe, cement pipe 1/4, the fluid pressure loss is small, can guarantee a smaller caliber transport larger flow. Under normal circumstances sand pipe than cast iron pipe, cement pipe in the selection of a low level when the diameter, such as the use of the same diameter of the pipeline, the pump power and energy savings of 1 

5, mechanical strength

Fiberglass sandhes pipe water pressure strength, resistance to external pressure excellent impact strength, to meet the different geological conditions of the laying, and according to customer requirements and pressure to design and manufacture of pipes and fittings.

6, water quality is good

Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe for non-toxic products, the annual delivery of drinking water to maintain long-term water quality health.

7, light weight, easy to install
Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe, the proportion of small, is the steel pipe 1/4, cement pipe 1/10, year to loading and unloading, installation costs are low, sand pipe length of up to 12 meters, the installation of less joints, Welding, corrosion treatment and cathodic protection, no special equipment, to ensure the quality of the project. I am the company's professional and technical personnel on-site guidance to install.
Connection accessories: socket type, butt, flange, O-ring elbow, T-tube, reducer, flat welding flange.