FRP sand pipe

Confirmation of the diameter of frp sand pipe:
The original design of φ600 pipe head loss hf is 7.8m, this time by not more than 7.8m to determine the diameter of the pipe, the head loss by the Hasson - William formula, the formula is:
Hf = f? V2 / (2Dg)
F = 194.62 / (C1.852D1 / 6V0.148)
Where: C-glass tube to take 150; F-friction coefficient; D-pipe diameter calculation, m; V-flow velocity, m / s; g acceleration of 9.81.
It is calculated that when the diameter is φ500, the head loss hf of the filled FRP pipe is 13m; when the diameter is φ600, the head loss hf of the FRP pipe is 5.9m. So by φ600 selected sand glass tube.
Pipeline installation principles
Pipe installation order in the sub-area, sub-system, the first large diameter after the small diameter, the first lower after the upper, the first difficult after the first on the gallery after the equipment connected with the machine in principle, the pipeline from the inside out To reduce the impact of welding stress on the accuracy of the machine installation, indoor and outdoor pipeline interface should stay outdoors.