FRP pultruded tube

Product features:
    1, chemical resistance: the choice of excellent o-benzene, benzene, vinyl resin and with a surface of the pultruded FRP grating, with excellent corrosion resistance.
    2, light weight: frp pultruded tube  is only about a quarter of steel weight, very easy to carry, thereby reducing the handling costs.
    3, high strength: According to the weight ratio of about 35% resin, 65% glass fiber, provides a very high strength / weight ratio.
    4, anti-ultraviolet: in the formula are added anti-ultraviolet agent and polyester-containing mat to get a good anti-ultraviolet effect.
    5, flame retardant: with a 25 or oxygen index of 26 or more flame retardant effect.
    6, other excellent performance: impact resistance, maintenance-free, easy processing, anti-skid safety, insulation and so on.

The process is:

The reinforcing material (such as glass fiber roving, glass fiber continuous felt, etc.) is impregnated by a matrix material (such as an unsaturated polyester resin or the like) in a specific form of formulation through the mold system and in which the reinforcing material Continuous curing molding, which continuous surface smooth, dimensional stability, high strength FRP pultruded glass steel grating by pultruded FRP cross bar through the pultruded FRP load-bearing rod, can be dispersed and adjust the load of the load-bearing rod and make it fixed The The excellent characteristics of the pultruded FRP grating can meet the requirements of any occasion.

Pultruded tube application:

FRP square tube is widely used in oil, chemical, electric, marine exploration, electroplating, shipbuilding, water and wastewater treatment, paper, wine, pharmaceutical and other industries work platform, equipment platform, stair pedal, trenches, Plate, packing bracket, etc., is the ideal load-bearing components in the corrosive environment.
FRP pultruded tube