FRP pipe

FRP pipe (pultruded rods, FRP profiles) is non-alkali twisted glass fiber roving, after warping and impregnated with polyester resin or epoxy continuous drawing and drawing, heat curing, with high Mechanical properties and dielectric properties, and according to different molds can be made into various shapes and sections of the bar to meet the different needs of users. Fiberglass rods, fiberglass rods, fiberglass rods, fiberglass rods Features: First, due to high strength glass fiber rods, good mechanical properties, are widely used: 1, tents, nets, bags, bags, curtains, umbrellas . 2, grain boom, sign pole, skeleton sail, fitness equipment, whip, arrow, clubs, golf practice nets, flagpoles, advertising exhibition. Second, the glass fiber rod light, flexible, good bending strength characteristics, are widely used: 1, kites, flying saucer, bow back. 2, electric aircraft, and various types of toys, etc. 3, due to glass fiber rod corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low preaching, high mechanical strength characteristics, are widely used: 1, PCB printing equipment drive shaft. 2, switch bolt, water sports equipment. Applications: Pultruded products can be used for high voltage electrical equipment (such as high voltage switches, transformers, capacitors in the insulation structure components, communications equipment in the antenna, cable pillars, railway wire insulation components, , The boom on the grain machine, the oil rod, the metal-free cable support rod, the organic compound insulator rod and so on. Our company has a professional mold factory production workshop, FRP grating, pultrusion, molding, hand lay, winding Custom can, welcome to map to sample.