FRP organic waste gas treatment tower

FRP organic waste gas treatment tower device structure and working principle:
The exhaust gas treatment / exhaust gas tower is made up of tower body, liquid tank, spray system, packing, gas-liquid separator and so on. According to different media, PVC, PP, FRP, carbon steel and stainless steel can be used. The exhaust gas from the lower inlet into the tower body, and then through the filler layer and spray device to make the exhaust gas is liquid purification, the purified gas and then by the gas-liquid separator, from the ventilator to the atmosphere, the spray system uses the United States HHSJ nozzle, The effect is good, which has a prominent effect of purification.

Second, the FRP organic waste gas treatment tower Scope:
Acid gas: sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc .; alkaline gas: sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ammonia, etc .; organic gases: benzene, alcohols, phenols and so on. Different gases are treated with different absorbent liquids.

Third, the glass fiber reinforced organic waste treatment tower selection, adsorbent replacement:

1, the direction of the equipment can be up and down the air flow can also be carried out for the next.
2, according to the amount of waste gas to change the thickness of the adsorption layer.
3, the exhaust gas concentration ≤ 1000mg / m3 when the adsorption agent replacement period of 1 - 1.5 years.
4, according to user needs to design and manufacture of non-standard equipment.
5, the adsorbent from the factory supply, the replacement of the adsorbent can be used as a general industrial waste disposal, does not cause secondary pollution.

Fourth, the use of waste gas treatment / exhaust gas purifier Note:

1, the equipment should be installed in the ground 100mm above the corrosion on the basis of anti-acid pump to do the basis of anti-corrosion;
2, the equipment should be installed indoors (in the north) to prevent the winter cold on the equipment and absorption of liquid or do a good job moisturizing measures, the southern region equipment can be installed outdoors;
3, if not pH control device, need to regularly check the acid, lye concentration at any time to adjust;
4, regularly check the nozzle and packing of the clogged, encountered problems in time to clean up.


If you want to order other fans and accessories, such as fans, when ordering fans, you need to specify or have engineers recommend models, specifications, speed, air volume, wind pressure, export direction and motor power and other parameters, , Chimneys, etc., need to provide the relevant drawings or by the Division I engineers to provide design, and whether the need to order part of the filter as a spare part to be provided.

FRP organic waste gas treatment tower