FRP molded septic tank

The basic principle of FRP molded septic tank is to remove and kill parasite eggs and pathogens by using the principle of parasitic eggs greater than that of fecal mixture and fecal seal anaerobic fermentation, liquefaction, ammoniation and biological antagonism , Control mosquito breeding, so as to achieve the purpose of fecal harmless.

1 good physical properties, a good impact resistance, high ring stiffness, to adapt to a wide geological.
2 high life, the normal use of more than 50 years.
3 corrosion resistance, acid and other chemical corrosion, is difficult to match the traditional material.
4 anti-aging is good, can withstand the sun direct anti-oxygen ability.
5 to adapt to the environment, can be in the -60 ~ 200 ℃ environment in normal use.
6 high safety, flame retardant, anti-static, good sealing performance, without any leakage.
7 resistance to strong, resistant to 30Mpa explosion shock wave pressure, 7mm thickness of the material equivalent to 12mm thickness of the homogeneous armor.
8 to expand the application of wide, to give the factory modular production, the product can be made into rules or special modules can be used for anti-seepage requirements of high concrete tanks, oil tanks and other structures of the lining structure.
9 significant economic benefits, compared with the same capacity of reinforced concrete septic tank construction, its production cycle shortened 2/3, the overall cost of only 70%.