FRP industrial cooling tower

FRP industrial cooling tower has the following characteristics:
1. Motor for the industrial tower for horizontal motor, stable operation, energy consumption is reasonable, long service life.
2. Fan for the industrial use of glass fiber reinforced concrete fan, produced by the national fixed-point enterprises, air volume, low noise, stable performance.
3. The tower body, the company in the traditional full reinforced concrete structure based on the design of reinforced concrete steel components or stainless steel components for the framework to fiberglass or sandwich insulation board for the maintenance of the wall structure of the tower, not only beautiful appearance, and has a simple structure , Easy to produce, easy to install, short construction period characteristics.
4. The inlet louver has stainless steel, glass steel, cement board, aluminum alloy profiles and other materials for the choice of running water quality.
5. This series of towers with high uniform and low pressure water distribution nozzle, while the use of multi-dimensional three-dimensional water collector, the purpose is to save energy and increase the utilization of the fan.
6. For the industrial cooling tower specially designed hairdryer, not only can reduce the air outlet dynamic pressure, but also effectively spread the noise caused by the wind.
7. In view of the special nature of the circulating water impurity content of the industrial cooling tower, the company specially designed the high performance work tower packing material. With multiple corrugated structure, warm water from top to bottom through the filler surface, in the filler above the formation of a detailed water film, uniform and slowly fall.
FRP industrial cooling tower