FRP exhaust gas absorption tower

FRP exhaust gas absorption tower, mainly by the absorption tower, circulation tank, pump, fan, exhaust pipe composition.

Technical characteristics:

1, high efficiency, chlorine drying, for example, single tower process moisture content can be reduced to ≤ 150PPM. Multi tower flow ≤ 25PPM.
2, the system pressure drop: filler layer height of 5 meters high conditions, the whole tower pressure drop is less than 100MM water column.
3, the unit area of gas flux, the tower can make the cost more economical.
4, the tower with the Tianjin University of patented technology manufacturing, such as disc-type liquid distributor of the liquid distribution effect is more reasonable, the liquid is basically not atomized. Liquid distributor can achieve gas-liquid flow. So that the single tower treatment better.
5, composite tower can be designed into a holistic structure, so that the tower of the seal, the higher security.
6, defogging effect is good, defogger exports basically no fog.
7, good corrosion resistance, the equipment used in polymer composite materials, with excellent overall corrosion resistance, the basic equipment within 10 years of basic maintenance-free.
8, blister tower single plate pressure drop can be designed to less than 80MM water column. The plate can be installed within the Hastelloy heat exchanger, can reduce the tower temperature, improve the service life of the tower.
The exhaust gas (exhaust gas) first enters the pressure equalizer in the lower part of the tower, and then passes through the packing, the sprinkler system, the gas is not constant from the bottom up, the neutralization liquid is from top to bottom, the gas-liquid two-phase reverse contact is fully neutralized and absorbed Reaction, in order to prevent the secondary pollution tower set up a demister, the treated gas demister after the discharge from the exhaust pipe into the atmosphere, the discharge of gas in line with national emissions requirements. Mainly used in medicine, chemical industry, smelting industry, dust removal, waste gas treatment.