FRP desulfurization tower

FRP desulfurization tower process flow: First, the hot flue gas into the pre-scrubber, contact with saturated ammonium sulfate solution, the flue gas is cooled in the process, at the same time, due to the evaporation of saturated ammonium sulfate solution and the precipitation of ammonium sulfate crystals. The flue gas that has been cooled enters the SO2 absorber through the demister. In the absorption tower, ammonia and water mixed into ammonia solution. SO2 in the flue gas is absorbed here, reacting with ammonia to produce ammonium sulfate. Finally, the desulfurized flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere through a 120-meter-high chimney. Ammonium sulfate solution is sent to the pre-scrubber for recycling. The ammonium sulfate slurry in the pre-scrubber enters the dewatering system. Dewatering first by a hydrocyclone and then by a centrifuge to obtain an ammonium sulfate filter cake. The liquid recovered from the cyclone and centrifuge is returned to the pre-scrubber for recycle. Ammonium sulfate cake is sent to the granulation system to obtain high-value granular ammonium sulphate fertilizer and stored in dome storage tanks capable of holding 50,000 tons of ammonium sulphate before being transported by train or truck.