FRP desulfurization tower

FRP desulfurization tower is a tower desulfurization of industrial waste gas treatment equipment. Desulfurization tower initially granite masonry is the most widely used, the use of water film desulfurization dust principle, also known as granite water film desulfurization precipitator, or the name of stone water film desulfurization precipitator.
Advantages are easy to maintain, and can be prepared by different dusting agent, while achieving dust and desulfurization (denitrification) effect. Now with the development of FRP technology, desulfurization tower gradually replaced by FRP manufacturing. Compared to granite desulfurization tower, FRP desulfurization tower low cost, easy processing, stainless steel is not bad, light weight, and therefore become the future development trend of desulfurization tower. In addition 316L stainless steel with corrosion-resistant, high temperature, wear-resistant three major advantages, but also one of the important trends in the development of desulfurization tower. After years of improvement, it has developed into various types of desulphurization towers, such as Venturi, Swirl Plate, Swirl Column, Float, Sieve Plate and Pneumatic Emulsification. Equipment technology has matured and has its advantages Insufficient, companies can choose according to their own needs of different types.