FRP cooling towers

A "cooling tower" is a device that cools water. The water is heat-exchanged with the air flowing therethrough, and the mass exchanges, causing the water temperature to drop.
Open-type cooling tower is the use of water and air contact, through the evaporation to dissipate industrial or refrigeration air-conditioning heat generated in a device. The basic principle is: dry (low enthalpy) air after the fan twitch, from the air inlet into the cooling tower; saturated steam partial pressure of high temperature water molecules to low pressure air flow, dampness (high enthalpy) The water from the sowing system spilled into the tower. When water droplets come in contact with air, on the one hand due to the direct heat transfer of the air in contact with water and on the other hand due to the pressure difference between the water vapor surface and the air, evaporation occurs under the effect of pressure, Heat transfer take away the sensible heat of the water, part of the water evaporation will take away the latent heat of water, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling water cooling.
Closed cooling tower is the use of water and coil contact, heat transfer through the wall heat transfer take away the cooling coil refrigerant heat to reach the cooling destination. Circulating cooling water in the closed cooling tower is only circulated in the frp cooling towers to exchange heat with the air to cool and then come in contact with the coil to remove the heat of the working fluid in the coil and replenish the water appropriately. Compared with the open cooling tower and the closed cooling tower The obvious feature is to increase the coil, the need for cooling of the liquid refrigerant in the steel coil is not in direct contact with the flow through the pipe wall heat transfer.