FRP chimney

The main part of frp chimney is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (ie FRP) material winding process, winding glass fiber reinforced plastic products from the composition of the structure. With a light weight, and a certain degree of flexibility, the tube inside and outside the surface smooth, unique bright, with a series of decorative advantages such as unique. As the glass fiber reinforced chimney length ratio is relatively large, Huaqiang company has worked out a set of mature, reliable production and installation process to ensure the chimney installation accuracy (especially the vertical).
FRP chimney performance characteristics:
1. Due to the slow heat transfer characteristics of glass fiber reinforced plastic, glass fiber reinforced plastic chimney has a certain insulation effect;
2. FRP chimney high temperature, corrosion resistance;
3. FRP chimney cost and ex-factory price than other types of chimney cost is lower;
4. FRP chimney has a long service life;
5. Because FRP has a smaller proportion, it is easier to transport than other metal products, so the amount of steel used to support them is more, the cost of integrated installation is lower.
Fiberglass chimney is widely used in power, fertilizer, chemical, metallurgical, oil and other industries, as corrosive or high temperature flue gas processing equipment. Huaqiang company can also be based on the size and height of fiberglass chimney can be designed according to customer requirements. At the same time, the shape can also be designed according to the specific requirements of customers.