Fiberglass tree grate

The current tree pit laying is completed by the FRP grate, the general GRP grate each grid size 38 * 38 * 25mm, the entire glass grate size to 1220 * 3660 mainly due to different Tree pit size is not the same, so the installation involves the FRP grate cutting, the product has a very strong plasticity, according to the size of the tree pit to facilitate cutting.
Fiberglass tree grate Features:
Yellow tree grate application
1. High strength: basically reached the quality of steel, compared with ordinary products in the same industry has a strong advantage.
2. Corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free: no rust, do not need to paint each year, the basic maintenance fee.
3. Diverse colors, soft colors: Like plastic, you can have a variety of colors to facilitate urban color design, there is no stainless steel reflective pollution.
4. Light weight: the proportion of steel only 1/4, easy to install and construct.
5. Anti-theft: As FRP grates can not be recycled, reducing the possibility of criminals stealing possible

1, wear-resistant anti-skid performance: In the production process will be non-slip and wear-resistant treatment. Its anti-skid and wear resistance is far better than the average metal cover and wood cover, plastic cover and so on. Concretely speaking, the non-slip treatment and wear-resistant treatment of the glass cover are described in detail in later chapters.
2, closed performance, high security: and corrosion resistance of the metal cover, poor quality wood cover compared to the closure of the glass cover is first class. And with non-conductive, non-thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance and many other features.
3, high temperature, flame retardant and strong performance: all the FRP products have a strong flame retardant properties, the main reason for the production of raw materials FRP resin products. Although the types of resins can be divided into many kinds, the high temperature resistance is one of the essential properties of each resin.
4, anti-aging, anti-corrosion superior performance: aging is also a manifestation of corrosion, more accurate can be expressed as chronic corrosion, such as humid air is a chronic corrosive environment. Long-term metal cover placed in humid air will be slowly corroded, is commonly known as rust.
5, long life, high economic efficiency: Under normal circumstances, the service life of glass cover in more than 50 years. The metal cover the service life of only about 5 years, the life of the wooden cover only 3 years or so.