Exhaust gas purification tower

Exhaust gas purification tower by gas-liquid contact form is divided into three categories. The first category is gas bubble-shaped dispersion in the liquid phase of the plate tower, bubbling absorption tower, stirred bubbling absorption tower; the second is liquid droplets dispersed in the gas phase ejector, venturi, spray Tower; the third is the liquid film-like movement with the gas phase contact with the packing absorption tower and falling film absorption tower. 2008 Beijing Olympic rowing paint exhaust gas purification tower suppliers, according to the practice summary, research and development of biological purification tower, the principle of biological purification, layer filtration adsorption purification, exhaust gas purification tower is another unique equipment.
Gas-liquid tower two-phase flow can be countercurrent flow can also be. Usually countercurrent operation, the absorbent to the top of the tower to join the top-down flow, and the gas flows from the bottom up, absorbing the absorption of liquid from the bottom of the discharge, the purified gas from the top of the tower.
Exhaust gas purification tower should have the following basic requirements:
◇ tower gas and liquid should have enough contact area and contact time.
◇ gas and liquid two should have a strong perturbation, reduce mass transfer resistance, improve absorption efficiency.
◇ wide operating range, stable operation.
◇ equipment resistance is small, low energy consumption.
◇ has sufficient mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.
◇ simple structure, easy to manufacture and overhaul.