Car wash room FRP grate

FRP grate applications:
1, Sewage treatment: overhaul aisle, gutter cover, large container, washer, trash rack, sink, biochemical water treatment tank rack, ventilation window, stairs,
2, chemical plant: staircase board, operating platform, fence, double floor, trench cover, grating
3, car wash: car repair firms, 4s car shop FRP grille cover, car wash trench trench
4, textile mill: instead of metal grille, wooden platform and cover the cement, bleaching and dyeing of the tank next to the floor, near the valve
5, power plant: chemical water workshop trench cover, waste water tank and so on
6, metal surface treatment: pickling place, around the machine instead of wood flooring, highly corrosive containers around the electroplating line walkway, double ground.
7, marine food processing plants: the harsh environment such as the surface of the cream, the ship
8, transport industry: platform, ship deck, walkway, military minesweeper, staircase board
9, beverage industry: staircase plate, instead of expensive stainless steel, a load floor
10, pulp and processing plants: staircase slab and floor, floor walkway, the humidity of the place
11, electronics industry: trench cover, pickling workshop, anti-static (anti-static grid) and high cleanliness workshop
12, meat processing plants: corrosive ground, stairs, slippery floor workbench and stair treads
13, others: corrosion-resistant shelves, decoration, fountain square, scaffolding, civil construction facilities, breeding fences and double-decker floors.