Boiler desulfurization tower

Desulfurization boiler is the flue gas desulfurization - removal of flue gas sulfur and compounds in the process, mainly refers to the flue gas SO, SO2. To meet the environmental requirements. Desulfurization after combustion, also known as FGD, can be divided into the following five methods according to the type of desulfurization agent: FGD technology, Calcium method based on CaCO3 (limestone) MgO-based magnesium method, Na2SO3-based sodium method, NH3-based ammonia method, and organic alkali-based organic alkali method.
The commonly used commercial technology in the world is the calcium method, accounting for more than 90%. Boiler desulfurization tower by absorbent and desulfurization products in the process of desulfurization wet and dry state desulfurization technology can be divided into wet, dry and semi-dry (semi-wet) method. The wet FGD technology desulfurizes and processes the desulfurized product in the wet state by using the solution or slurry containing the absorbent. The method has the advantages of quick desulfurization reaction rate, simple equipment and high desulfurization efficiency. However, the corrosion is serious, the operation and maintenance cost is high, Easy to cause secondary pollution and other issues. Desulfurization and absorption of dry FGD technology and product treatment are carried out under dry state. The method has the advantages of no effluent waste acid discharge, less equipment corrosion, no obvious cooling of flue gas during purification, high flue gas temperature after purification, which is good for chimney Exhaust diffusion, less secondary pollution, etc., but there are problems such as low desulfurization efficiency, slow reaction speed and huge equipment.
Semi-dry FGD technology of desulfurization tower of boiler refers to desulfurization of desulfurization agent in dry state, regeneration in wet state (such as regeneration process of activated carbon in water washing), desulfurization in wet state and desulfurization product in dry state (such as spray drying method ) Flue gas desulfurization technology. Especially in the wet state of desulfurization, dry state desulfurization products in the semi-dry method, with its existing wet desulfurization reaction fast, the advantages of high desulfurization efficiency, there are dry waste water-free effluent after desulfurization products Easy-to-handle advantages and widespread concern. According to the use of desulfurization products can be divided into abandonment and recovery of two.
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