Boiler desulfurization precipitator

Boiler desulfurization dust collector with sub-assembly, with a small footprint, transportation, easy installation features. Boiler desulfurization dust collector using the domestic advanced composite materials and high temperature glass fiber reinforced plastic, to increase the wear-resistant, high temperature, greatly extending the service life.

The Reaction Principle of Boiler Desulfurizer
1, the reaction equation
The desulfurization tower is an intermediate device for flue gas desulfurization and ammonia sulfates. SO2 in the flue gas is removed in the desulfurization tower. The desulfurization tower is a saturated ammonium sulfate / ammonium sulfite solution with a pH of 5.05.9. Reaction with SO2 is carried out according to the following reaction to produce ammonium bisulfite / bisulfate :
1) SO2 + H2OH2SO3
2) H2SO3 + (NH4) 2 SO4NH4 HSO4 + NH4 HSO3
3) H2SO3 + (NH4) 2S O32NH4 HSO3
In reaction (1), sulfur dioxide is dissolved in water in the flue gas. In the reactions (2) and (3), the sulfurous acid reacts with the dissolved sulfuric acid sulfate / sulfite. Spray the ammonia water to the bottom of the reaction tank and neutralize the acid as follows:
4) H2SO3 + NH3NH4SO3
5) NH4 HSO3 + NH3NH4 HSO4 + NH4 HSO3
6) H2SO3 + NH3 (NH4) 2 SO4
The oxidizing air sprayed to the bottom of the desulfurization tower will oxidize the sulfite to sulfate as follows: (NH4) 2SO3 + 1/2 O2 (NH4) 2 SO4
At this point, the boiler desulfurization desulfurization tower in the desulfurization tower to generate a large number of ammonia sulfate, sulfuric acid solution by saturation, so that ammonium sulfate from the solution in the crystalline form of precipitation out.
The heat of vaporization from the residual heat of the flue gas is provided as follows:
(NH4) 2 SO4 (solid) The salt in the desulfurization tower is either dissolved in the solution in the form of ions or precipitated in a crystalline form. The product slurry is sufficiently oxidized together with the main component of the system being compounded, the crystalline ammonium sulfate.

Boiler desulfurization dust collector working principle

Ammonia desulfurization, is the control of sulfur dioxide emissions technology, dust can not only remove the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas, and can produce high value-added ammonia fertilizer products. The boiler dust removal equipment using a certain concentration (here to 28% as an example) of ammonia as a desulfurization agent, the formation of sulfuric acid ammonia slurry, transported to the fertilizer plant processing system. Ammonia desulfurization used in the amount of ammonia required by the default PH control valve to automatically adjust and measured by the flow meter. The sulfuric acid amide crystals are crystallized from the saturated sulfuric acid ammonia slurry in a desulfurization precipitator to produce suspended particles of about 35% by weight. The slurry quilt is pumped to the treatment site, through the primary and secondary dehydration, and then sent to the fertilizer plant for further dehydration, drying, condensation and storage, through the boiler dust removal equipment flue gas desulfurization at the same time, boiler dust collector also generated considerable Of the by-product, to achieve a certain economic benefits.