Acid mist purifier

The main pollutants of the acid mist purifier are HCL gas and HF gas, H2S04, CrO3, HCN, H2S, Gas (NH3), alkali steam and other water-soluble gases. Using sodium hydroxide as absorption neutralization solution, the solution concentration is 2-6% and the purification efficiency is above 95% -98%.
In acid or alkaline acid mist exhaust gas, a new type of ladder ring packing (or spherical multi-face hollow filler) is built-in and the gas-liquid contact surface area is large; when the exhaust gas passes through the distributing plate, the gas is uniformly distributed on the multi- Each was a point of contact, after the show was "W" route to walk to avoid bias phenomenon, in conjunction with the Tornado non-blocking nozzle was sprayed 1200, the gas-liquid mixing efficiency of 90-95%, through the counter-current absorption liquid Neutralization solution H2SO4 or NaOH automatic processing equipment) atomized spray washing, so as to achieve a clean effect, then add the neutralization solution, you can get rid of harmful gases in the exhaust gas. Generally equipped with two spray devices, and according to different gas concentrations, the composition of more layers of spray device, and to achieve high efficiency purification effect.