Hebei Huaqiang Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, 2001 expansion of the company, and the joint-stock reform of the establishment of the Hebei Huaqiang Technology Development Co., Ltd., the company covers an area of 119000 m2, (of which construction area of 62000 m2). The registered capital of one hundred million Lu Bai Ji Ji million, the existing fixed assets of 100 million yuan, employees 2668 people, including 120 senior engineers, 310 engineers, assistant engineers 790, 60 senior economists, economists 40, technicians 1226 people. Production equipment, a total of 1072 sets, with the leading international level of large-scale computer-controlled FRP winding assembly line 21 sets of glass and steel products production equipment and die 2159 sets, all kinds of winding machine, molding machine, lathe, milling machine, planer, drilling machine, CNC cutting plate machine Dozens of sets. Various models of pipes, profiles, cooling towers, tanks, fans, hoods, air conditioners, chairs and other products die sets of hundreds of sets. All kinds of sophisticated testing equipment 64 sets, the annual production capacity of more than 22100 million. 

In the case of our company is a can complete a variety of fiberglass products engineering design, manufacture and installation of large-scale strength to send enterprises. Enterprises continue to forge ahead, broaden the business market, the company and the Ministry of Machinery Industry Fourth Design Institute, Shanghai Institute of Building Science, Hebei University, Shanghai Second Industrial University and other units for technical cooperation to develop a number of new technologies. After the efforts of all the staff of the company, Huaqiang company has become a member of China Fiberglass Industry Association, member of China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, member of China Refrigeration Society, and passed the ISO9001 international certification on November 27, 2001 .ISO9001 through the company's products and the international market with the international market, to adapt to the international trend; ISO9001 through, to improve the management level of the enterprise, so that my company's management thinking and management methods not only clear responsibilities, and their responsibility, and Effectively improve the enterprise's product quality level, so that we can better provide quality products, quality service to meet user requirements and potential needs.

I made the glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, septic tanks, cooling towers, grille, glass steel tanks, glass steel waste gas treatment tower and other products, many times won the State Ministry of Construction, the State Quality and Technical Supervision, China FRP Industry Association awards, and made A number of patents. Our company has become a set of engineering budget, technical advice, product design, manufacturing, installation commissioning, after-sales service in one company, formed a set of standardized, scientific and systematic management system. In the case of Huaqiang company to "hard work, striving for first-class" for the spirit of enterprise, "customer-centric, relying on high-tech innovation, the introduction of efficient, energy saving, environmental protection boutique, contributing to society" for corporate philosophy, customer satisfaction. Huaqiang people willing to advanced technology, quality products, reasonable prices, improve its services and dedication to cooperation with Chinese and foreign friends, and you create brilliant.