Fiberglass products are widely used in a wide range of applications, such as light, high strength and long life, such as cooling towers, fans and pipelines. They are widely used in all walks of life and are alternative products of heavy metals and cement. The best choice for optimizing the environment.
FRP products for nearly 50 years to develop a rapid composite material. 70% of the glass fiber production is used to make FRP. Fiberglass hardness is much higher than steel. Jet aircraft used as a fuel tank and pipe, can reduce the weight of the aircraft. FRP processing is easy, stainless steel is not bad, no paint. China has been widely used in the manufacture of glass steel a variety of small motorboats, lifeboats, yachts, and automobile manufacturing, saving a lot of steel.
FRP applications
Construction Industry: Cooling towers, FRP doors and windows, Building structures, Enclosures, Interior equipment and decorations, FRP panels, Corrugated tile, Decorative panels, Sanitary ware and whole toilet, Sauna, Surfing bathrooms, Construction templates, Warehouse construction , And solar energy utilization devices.
Chemical and chemical industry: corrosion-resistant pipes, tank storage tanks, corrosion-resistant pump and its accessories, corrosion-resistant valves, grille, ventilation facilities, and sewage and wastewater treatment equipment and accessories.
Automotive and railway transportation industry: automobile shell and other parts, plastic miniature car, large passenger car body shell, door, inner board, main column, floor, bottom beam, bumper, instrument panel, small vans, and Fire trucks, refrigerated trucks, tractors cab and machine hood, etc .; rail transport, a train window frame, car roof, roof water tank, toilet floor, luggage car doors, roof ventilation, refrigerated doors, , And some railway communication facilities, etc .; in road construction, there are traffic signs, signs, isolation pier, highway fence and so on.
Boats and water transport industries: inland river passenger and cargo ships, fishing boats, hovercraft, all kinds of yachts, rowing boats, high speed boats, lifeboats, traffic boats, and glass steel beacon buoy and ship pontoon and so on.
Electrical industry and communication engineering: there are arc suppression equipment, cable protection tube, generator stator coil and support ring and cone shell, insulation tube, insulation rod, motor protection ring, high voltage insulator, standard capacitor shell, motor cooling casing, power generation Mechanical windshield and other electrical equipment; distribution box and distribution boards, insulation shaft, glass and steel hood and other electrical equipment; printed circuit boards, antennas, radar cover and other electronic engineering applications.